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If you are a part of the Defense Industrial Base, you must meet the new CMMC Cybersecurity Standards established by the DoD. If you are a private sector company, wouldn't you like to know if your company is as secure as a DoD contractor?

It's time to take cybersecurity and data breach prevention seriously
Cybersecurity and data protection are now national security issues impacting all U.S. businesses, no matter the size.

Nations, states, hackers, domestic and foreign criminals, and others are stealing from every business sector in the USA. They are disrupting the American way of life. It is time for all U.S. businesses to take the threat seriously and take the necessary steps to protect their information, and that of their clients and customers.

At Baran Agency, we provide Military Grade Cybersecurity Solutions and Compliance as a Service - that are deployed by specially trained, ex-military security agents. Our team of Veterans have extensive military experience and are both battle tested and ready to deliver results in high pressure situations. Each of our client engagements follows a precise strategy and battle plan that is customized to ensure our team accomplishes your company’s specific cybersecurity goals and fulfills your compliance requirements.

Cybersecurity and compliance for your business

The "Baran" Name
An Internet pioneer, Paul Baran invented packet switching techniques that has been credited with playing the key role in the development of the Internet.

In 1962, a nuclear confrontation seemed imminent.

The U.S. Defense Department and goverment authorities considered ways to communicate in the aftermath of a nuclear attack. How could any sort of “command and control network” survive?

PAUL BARAN, a researcher at RAND, offered a solution: design a more robust communications network for the U.S. Military based on using “redundancy” and “digital” technology. This effort would eventually become the foundation for the World Wide Web.

Our company is named in honor of his pioneering vision, commitment to excellence, and his duty and service to America.

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We offer 4 core pillars of Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Auditing and Compliance as a Service

Deployment of proactive Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity Training and Staffing

Cyber Risk Management Planning and Rapid Data Breach Response

At Baran Agency, our highly trained, ex-military teams provide cybersecurity and compliance services to Department of Defense contractors. We keep them safe, and we keep them in compliance with Federal Cybersecurity Regulations.

We can do the same for you.

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