mission critical four core services

At BARAN Agency, We offer our clients four core services - each with mulTiple products and options, which can be implemented independently or combined for a more complete cybersecurity defense plan.


    Discover your vulnerabilities now before someone else does. Let the Baran team perform an independent, unbiased audit and prepare a comprehensive report of our findings based on the U.S. Department of Defense Draft Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) or other federal, state or industry standards like Fed Ramp, DFARS, NIST 800-171, GDPR, CPPA, PCI or others.

    Post audit, our team will assist in an advisory role to align your organization with the specific industry standards, or compliance requirements, and correct any deficiencies found in the audit or assessment to get your company in full compliance.


    Baran Agency can help your company strengthen your physical and virtual cybersecurity posture. We will deploy a selection of services and solutions that can help prevent a cyber-attack or data breach. The Baran team will work with your IT team to supplement, not replace, current initiatives with an overall team goal of protecting your data and systems so you don't become the next data breach or hack casualty.


    The Baran team is available to provide a wide range of Cybersecurity Services onsite, or remotely, and on an as-needed, hourly or per project basis. Baran Agency has you covered with well trained, experienced personnel and candidates that can provide everything from network and security adminstration, to full-time or fractional CTO roles.

    The Baran team is also available to provide onsite or virtual training to your employees, as well as Certification Courses, that can improve the cyber defenses of your company.

  • Risk Management and Breach Response

    Baran Agency helps our clients take a proactive approach to plan and prepare for a cyber and data breach "worst day event". It is not a matter of "if" but rather "when" your company will have a cyber or other type of data breach. As such, we help our clients address the risk head on, and to prepare for that day so that they can successfully respond and recover. Our ongoing risk managment program includes preparation of a breach response plan, attack simulations on your company, penetration testing, employee training and more. Baran Agency will also review placement of Cyber and Data Breach Insurance to transfer the potential high costs of response, as well as 24/7/365 access to a Breach Response Team.

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